Omkara-Gauri to finally unite in Ishqbaaz


Omkara, Shivay and Rudra fight with Ajay and his goons. Gauri learns that Ajay wants to marry her only to cheat her. She calls Omkara to get help. Omkara rescues Gauri and takes her along. Obros want to take Gauri away from the marriage. Gauri wanted to get her friend married and then run away. Omkara doesn’t know that Gauri also wants to avoid the marriage. Omkara knocks down Ajay. Obros leave with Gauri. Omkara and Gauri’s misunderstandings get cleared. They come back home. They express love for each other.

He has realized he loves Gauri a lot. Gauri also understood Ajay was a cheap man. Omkara is happy that she has come back in his life. He makes sweets to surprise her. They feed the sweets to each other. Gauri is happy seeing a good change in Omkara. She feels like her dreams coming true. Omkara and Gauri romance. Rudra disturbs them. He wakes them up. He tells them that he has a good news for them, he has made an impossible thing possible. Rudra makes a plan for their Goa trip. He asks them to open the door fast. Rudra gets upset when Omkara doesn’t attend him. He says both my brothers changed after marriage.


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