Vidyut hunts for Neil-Avni in Naamkarann


Vidyut beats up Neil. They have a fight. Vidyut shoots in air and tries to nab Avni. Avni runs with Mishti. Ali diverts Vidyut by igniting fire at the wine counter. Neil and Ali fool Vidyut. Ali wants to help Avni. He knows Vidyut is very dangerous. He doesn’t want Avni to get hurt. Ali was managing catering in Vidyut’s casino. He learnt the entire truth from Neela. Vidyut gets mad seeing the dummy in Mishti’s place. He was trusting Avni and when she cheated him, he wants to take revenge. Vidyut’s goons catch Neil and point gun at him. Ali gets worried seeing Neil in trouble. Ali wants Neil to run out safely. Ali doesn’t want Neil to fall in trouble. Neil turns the tables and catches Vidyut. He tries to get away.

Vidyut and Neil’s game continues. Vidyut tells Neil that he never loses. He asks his goons to go and catch Avni and Mishti. Avni hides with Mishti in a jungle. The goons look for her. Mishti gets thirsty by hiding for long. Avni goes to get water. She falls in problem. Ali helps Neil in running away. Neil worriedly reaches Avni. Neil saves Avni. Neil and Avni have a moment. Vidyut also reaches there to catch Avni. Avni gets relieved seeing Neil. Neil and Avni have to get away with Mishti. Vidyut looks for them desperately.


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