Anami convinces her good friend in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dadi helps Anami and explains her about the relations. Anami is happy that Dadi is not annoyed with her. She asks her not to take decisions without thinking. She suggests Anami to think of the families linked to Royal Steels. She tells her to be wise and not have any blind belief. Anami stays firm to support Sudha. She shows her belief in Sudha. She wants to get justice for Sudha. She tells Dadi to think for Sudha once. Dadi tells her that she doesn’t know the history of Lal Mahal. She says Anami will surely regret the day she knows Sudha’s truth.

Sudha cooks food for everyone and takes them by a surprise. They all like the food. On knowing Sudha made the food, the family members refuse to have it. Sudha tries to influence Baldev. Satrupa holds her anger. Pujan angrily insults Sudha. Everyone leaves the food. Pujan pays the tip to Sudha. He asks her to stay in her limits. Anami sees everyone’s indifference to Sudha. Anami feels bad for Sudha. She supports Sudha. She asks Narottam to join them.

Sudha is happy to send off everyone and dine with Anami and Narottam. Dadi worries seeing the changes at home. She suggests they should send Sudha to the guest room. Satrupa feels hurt to see Anami with Sudha. She seeks Dadi’s help. Anami calls up Adhiraj to arrange a meet. Adhiraj refuses to meet her. He tries getting away. She finds him angry. Anami surprises Adhiraj at his office. She keeps the friendship. She convinces her friend again. Adhiraj gathers info about Sudha. Dadi asks Sudha to shift to guest room and try to be away from Anami. Sudha is happy to get permission to stay.


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