Obro’s Golmaal twist to add fun in Ishqbaaz


Omkara makes Gauri hide from everyone. Omkara, Shivay and Rudra are fooling the family. They have got Gauri home without her will. They don’t know Gauri was willing to come with Omkara. Omkara didn’t hear Gauri when she was trying to tell him that she loves him and wants to escape from Ajay’s clutches. Even Gauri did’t hear Omkara’s plan. They felt Gauri shouldn’t marry Ajay. Omkara has done a lot to convince Gauri. They knew Gauri loves Omkara, but is still helpless to marry Ajay. They fought with Ajay and succeeded to take Gauri home. They hide the kidnapping twist from everyone. Anika and Bhavya are not aware of this development. Anika gets to see Gauri. Shivay distracts Anika. He lifts Anika and takes her away. She gets happy thinking of romance. Shivay makes Anika busy in his romantic talk. She finds his behavior strange. She feels something is wrong.

Anika is spying knowing Shivay is hiding something. Omkara hides Gauri in cupboard. Anika tells Bhavya that Obros are hiding something. They decide to confront Omkara. Anika and Bhavya try to check Omkara’s room.

Shivay does drama and faints in front of them. Anika and Bhavya worry for him. They don’t see Gauri and leave with Shivay. Rudra acts plays along. He lifts Shivay and takes him to the room. Omkara then gets Gauri out of cupboard and puts her to rest. He wants to reconcile with Gauri. He is sure Gauri will forgive him and agree to start a new life with him. Gauri gets conscious and finds herself at home. She forgives Omkara and acknowledges his love. Omkara and Gauri have a moment of romance. Omkara takes care of her. Anika and Bhavya soon realize Gauri’s presence.


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