High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Naamkarann: Neil leaves from casino to find Avni and Mishti. He wants to keep his promise to Juhi. Vidyut gets raging to find Avni and punish her for the cheat. He doesn’t forgive his enemies. He gets keen to teach her a lesson. He sends the goons to spread in the jungle and find Avni at any cost. Vidyut’s goons get to see Avni and Mishti. Before they could catch Mishti, Neil comes to rescue. Avni and Neil take Mishti and run away. Neil burns woods to divert Vidyut. Vidyut goes the other way. Avni asks Neil why did he burn the woods. Neil explains his plans to Avni.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren’s hatred is testing Pooja’s love. He tells her the time of test has finally arrived. She is ready for any challenge. She tells him that he doesn’t know the power of strength, she is ready to face every test for getting his love. Naren wants to see what comes in her fate, love or hatred, peace or destruction. Harish asks Pooja not to get scared of anyone. Pooja tells them that she doesn’t want to hurt Naren’s heart by revealing the truth.


Soumya goes with the kinners to get nek. She joins Harman in his new work. She dons the ghunghat so that Harman doesn’t see her. She is also begging for nek in the market. Harman plays the dhol and pleads people to give some donation. He has left from home with the kinners. He doesn’t know Soumya is giving him company. Soumya has come with them for the first time. The kinners dance and ask for nek. Some people ask them why is a kinner hiding face in ghunghat. The men make fun of Soumya.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth is seeing Shorvori everywhere. The family consoles Parth in the shattering sorrow. Parth gets tough to deal with Shorvori’s loss. Teni makes Parth ready. He thinks of Shorvori, while Teni is with him. She tells Parth that he has to smile and live his life atleast for the baby, who would his dad to live a normal happy life. He cheers him and asks him to go to office to keep himself occupied in work. She explains that the family needs him, he can’t be selfish to sink in his sorrow and give sorrow to his entire family. Parth understands Teni.


Chakor and Suraj dance in her engagement. Suraj has taken a disguise to stay around and expose Ranvijay. They enjoy the engagement function. Chakor keeps an eye on Kavya and Preeti. She has to save them from Ranvijay’s anger. Suraj has come to get Chakor and Ranvijay’s family women safely. He dances around Ranvijay and irritates him. Ranvijay doesn’t recognize Suraj. Ranvijay stares at them. Suraj spreads his charm as the fun loving Sardar. He asks Ranvijay to dance with them. Suraj tells Chakor that Ranvijay will soon lose his cool. Suraj takes Chakor with him. He tells her that Ranvijay will expose his real side when Suraj reveals his identity.


Naira convinces everyone to get Naksh and Kirti together once. Kartik tells the family that Naksh and Kirti should meet once to know if they can spend the life together. The family agrees to allow Naksh to meet Kirti. Kirti gets emotional after learning Naksh’s surprise of supporting her dreams and giving her liberty to live life her way. She gets confident by Naksh’s support. Naksh keeps Kirti’s happiness before his own. Kirti and Naksh have a true love moment. Kirti finds her real soul mate in Naksh. She meets Naksh and emotionally hugs him, with an apology and love confession.


Omkara makes Gauri hide from everyone. Omkara, Shivay and Rudra are fooling the family. They have got Gauri home without her will. They don’t know Gauri was willing to come with Omkara. Omkara didn’t hear Gauri when she was trying to tell him that she loves him and wants to escape from Ajay’s clutches. Even Gauri did’t hear Omkara’s plan. They felt Gauri shouldn’t marry Ajay. Omkara has done a lot to convince Gauri. They knew Gauri loves Omkara, but is still helpless to marry Ajay. They fought with Ajay and succeeded to take Gauri home. They hide the kidnapping twist from everyone. Anika and Bhavya are not aware of this development. Anika gets to see Gauri. Shivay distracts Anika.


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