Kanak lays a trap for Aditya in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Maasi talks to Aditya in darkness. Kanak sends Uma to her room so that Uma sees Aditya himself. Maasi sees Uma coming. She sends Aditya out. Maasi acts wise. She sits reading Ramayan in front of Uma. Uma doesn’t learn her truth. Maasi and Kanak have an argument. They challenge each other. Maasi tries to make Aditya hide. Maasi shuts down the lights to save Aditya from getting sighted by Uma. Kanak tries to catch Aditya. She sees Aditya and follows him. Aditya runs away. Aditya doesn’t want to return home. He can’t live a simple life. He doesn’t want to get controlled by Uma. Aditya lives free and wants his life to be comfortable.

Kanak knows her days in Uma’s house are ending. She makes a new plan knowing Paulmi is hearing her and will inform Maasi. Kanak tells Suman her plan. She asks her to lie to Maasi about her. Suman feels tensed to lie to Maasi. Kanak has laid the trap to nab Aditya. Maasi and Aditya are making a plan against Uma. Maasi alerts Aditya and makes him stay away for some days. Kanak asks Uma to understand Maasi’s truth. Uma doesn’t want to hear anything against Maasi. Paulmi plans to fail Kanak’s plans. She doesn’t know she is falling in Kanak’s plan. Kanak aims to catch Aditya red handed.


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