Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to prove her love


Pragya keeps Karwachauth fast for Abhi. Tanu tells Pragya that its just her right on Abhi. She scolds Pragya for claiming rights on Abhi. Pragya slaps Tanu and answers Tanu. She accepts she loves Abhi and she will stay with Abhi forever. Tanu tells her that she will ruin her happiness. Tanu wants to tell Abhi about Munni, who is cheating him by staying as Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya break the Karwachauth fast together. Tanu has challenged Pragya that she will keep her away from Abhi. Pragya asked her to do anything she can. Tanu uses Munni’s niece and nephew against Pragya. Kids come to Pragya and acknowledge her as Munni. Abhi gets confused. Tanu reveals to everyone that Munni is acting as Pragya and living with Abhi just for the sake of his money. Abhi gets a huge shock knowing about Pragya’s doppelgänger. Pragya falls in big trouble. She gets trapped by Tanu. Pragya has to prove her identity and also Tanu and Aaliya’s game. How will Pragya prove her true love to Abhi? Keep reading.



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