Naksh and Kirti’s dramatic emotional union next in Yeh Rishta…


Naira convinces everyone to get Naksh and Kirti together once. Kartik tells the family that Naksh and Kirti should meet once to know if they can spend the life together. The family agrees to allow Naksh to meet Kirti. Kirti gets emotional after learning Naksh’s surprise of supporting her dreams and giving her liberty to live life her way. She gets confident by Naksh’s support. Naksh keeps Kirti’s happiness before his own. Kirti and Naksh have a true love moment. Kirti finds her real soul mate in Naksh. She meets Naksh and emotionally hugs him, with an apology and love confession.

Naksh also apologizes to her for giving her much sorrow. He confesses love to Kirti. They both shed tears. They were scared to lose each other. After long drama, Naksh and Kirti unite. Kartik and Naira get happy seeing them. Goenkas forgive Naksh and have a union. Naksh gets accepted by Manish and Kartik.

Everyone gets happy seeing Naksh and Kirti’s true love. Naksh convinces them that he has gone through a lot to solve this matter. He didn’t wish his families to suffer because of him. Naksh speaks out all his feelings and touches their heart. Everyone blesses Naksh and Kirti. Manish allows Kirti to go with Naksh. The family does Kirti’s bidaai again. Everyone gets happy for them. Kartik apologizes to Naira. He wishes Naira forgives him for all his bitter fights. Kartik thinks of making up to Naira. He finds Naira’s decision to get Naksh and Kirti was absolutely right.


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