Neil loses Avni to Vidyut in Naamkarann


Neil leaves from casino to find Avni and Mishti. He wants to keep his promise to Juhi. Vidyut gets raging to find Avni and punish her for the cheat. He doesn’t forgive his enemies. He gets keen to teach her a lesson. He sends the goons to spread in the jungle and find Avni at any cost. Vidyut’s goons get to see Avni and Mishti. Before they could catch Mishti, Neil comes to rescue. He comes across Vidyut and fights with him. Avni and Neil take Mishti and run away. Neil burns woods to divert Vidyut. Vidyut goes the other way. Avni asks Neil why did he burn the woods. Neil explains his plans to Avni.

Neil gets wounded while saving Mishti. Mishti gets a bad dream of Vidyut. Avni consoles her. She tells Neil that Mishti has fear of Vidyut in mind. Neil feels bad for Mishti. Avni observes the blood stain on his shirt. She gets to know about his wound. She gets worried for him. Avni asks him to show the wound, so that she can do the aid. Neil keeps saying he is fine. Avni cares for him. She does the aid. They have a romantic moment. Neil flirts with her. He says I wish someone loves me much. They both show their concern for each other.

Vidyut hunts for them. The goons succeed to take Avni and Mishti, while Neil fights with them. Neil runs after the jeep. Neil loses Avni and Mishti. Neil shouts to Avni that he will come to save her. Ali helps Neil. He punctures the jeep tyres by putting the nails on the road. Ali asks Neil to run with Avni and Mishti. Ali manages to fight with the goons and keep them away from Avni. Vidyut faces Ali and knocks him down. Ali gets injured. Neil hits Vidyut with the bike. Vidyut and Neil’s fight goes on. Will Neil be able to save Avni? Keep reading.


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