Parth to find a reason of joy in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth is seeing Shorvori everywhere. The family consoles Parth in the shattering sorrow. Parth gets tough to deal with Shorvori’s loss. Teni makes Parth ready. He thinks of Shorvori, while Teni is with him. She tells Parth that he has to smile and live his life atleast for the baby, who would his dad to live a normal happy life. He cheers him and asks him to go to office to keep himself occupied in work. She explains that the family needs him, he can’t be selfish to sink in his sorrow and give sorrow to his entire family. Parth understands Teni.

Teni tells family that she has to go for sonography. Indu doesn’t let her go alone. Dadi tells Teni that someone should accompany her. Teni asks them not to worry, as she got habitual to live her life alone. Dadi and Indu ask Parth to go along. Parth gets ready to take Teni. Teni compliments Parth for getting ready so well. She says even the baby is bumping to compliment his Papa. She brings a smile on Parth’s face. Parth and Teni leave together. He takes Teni to the hospital for sonography. He tries to get happiness via his child. Shorvori wanted Teni to get a place in Parth’s life and Bhanushali house, which eventually happens.


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