Soumya and Harman act supportive in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Soumya goes with the kinners to get nek. She joins Harman in his new work. She dons the ghunghat so that Harman doesn’t see her. She is also begging for nek in the market. Harman plays the dhol and pleads people to give some donation. He has left from home with the kinners. He doesn’t know Soumya is giving him company. Soumya has come with them for the first time. The kinners dance and ask for nek. Some people ask them why is a kinner hiding face in ghunghat. The men make fun of Soumya.

Harman gets to see Soumya. He answers the men about his Gulabo. The man makes fun of Harman when he calls a kinner Gulabo. He says you are Harak’s son, if you are with them, we can see odd things for sure, if you call a kinner a rose, then anything can happen. Rani comes to Harman’s rescue. Harman says I can marry Gulabo too, do you have any problem, its my life after all. The man calls him mad. Rani apologizes to the men and ask them not to drag the matter. Soumya and Harman fulfill the conditions of Gurumaa well.


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