Roshni fails to expose Anjali’s truth in Sasural Simar Ka


Roshni and Anjali have an argument. Roshni doubts Anjali didn’t change and she is still evil. She tells everyone that Anjali bribed the doctor to make Sanjana mad. She sees Anjali with the doctor. She doubts on Anjali’s intentions. She confronts Anjali. She says I have seen Anjali paying the doctor, she is making Sanjana mad, she is cheating us by acting good. She tells Simar that Anjali is jealous of Sanjana.

Anjali gets angry and reveals why she met the doctor. She defends herself. She asks them to ask the doctor. She tells them that she was just paying the medical fees. The man confirms that Anjali is right. Anjali proves her innocence. Anjali is really cheating the family. She wants to separate Sameer and Sanjana. She is hurting Sanjana. Her real truth will come out soon. Piyush decides to get Sanjana treated by a psychiatrist. He is worried for Sanjana’s state. He hopes her treatment will end her problems.



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