Vidyut and Neil’s counteract in Naamkarann


Vidyut keeps an eye on Avni. He asks the security officers to check for ACP Neil. He gets Neil’s info. He waits for his mum to get back. He gets informed that his mum is blamed for Juhi’s death. He asks his men to make his mum reach to him safely. Ragini pandit reaches Goa. Vidyut doesn’t believe his mum can get Juhi murdered, as his mum was in coma state in the hospital. He realizes someone is playing a game with him.

Avni tells Mishti that they have to play hide and seek with Vidyut. She convinces her by telling about Neil, who is gifting a doll for her. Mishti also wants to get away from Vidyut. Avni gets an idea and dresses up a dummy like Mishti. Vidyut plans a grand inauguration of his casino. Neil fools the security officers. He wears the mask to conceal his identity. Neil gets to see Vidyut. Vidyut tightens the security. Neil gets an entry after some difficulty.

Neil comments on Vidyut’s bad security staff. Vidyut apologizes to him. Neil goes to meet Avni and Mishti. Ali checks the catering stuff. He spots Neil and understands the plan. Avni is sure that they will win today. She executes her plan. Vidyut makes sure nothing goes wrong in the ceremony. He welcomes all his guests in the launch ceremony. Neil and Avni get to meet in the party. Neil asks her to distract Vidyut by using Mishti’s dummy doll. Vidyut gets busy in attending guests. Avni uses the situation. Neil switches off the lights to help Avni workout their plan. Vidyut falls in their trap. Neil then reveals his identity and counters Vidyut.


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