Adhiraj breaks out a shocking info in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami apologizes to Adhiraj for hiding about Sudha. Adhiraj feels she didn’t trust him. She explains him that she was just trying to help Sudha, she didn’t mean to hide the matter. She convinces Adhiraj. They turn good friends again. Ila gets jealous seeing them. Ila gets into an argument with Anami. Anami tells her that she can do anything for her friend. Anami makes Adhiraj smile by her talk. She laughs on Ila, who can’t digest a single golgappa.

Baldev finds Dadi upset. She asks him to do something for Lal Mahal’s future. Baldev tries to strike a deal with Sudha and send her off. Sudha fails his plan. She tells him that she is bahu of Lal Mahal. She asks him to pay for all her sorrows if he can.

Adhiraj learns about Sudha’s escape from mental asylum. He finds out Sudha’s past. He doesn’t know about Sudha’s brother. He tries to connect the links to know why Sudha wants revenge from Lal Mahal.

Anami’s presence and bond with Sudha upsets Satrupa. Anami makes fun of Satrupa. Sudha gets happy. Anami gets to know some info and shares with Adhiraj. Adhiraj meets Sudha to get an answer about her past. Adhiraj reveals the shocking truth of Sudha’s escape. Baldev and Satrupa get aware of Sudha’s clever move. They realize Sudha is acting mad to trick them.


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