Adhiraj gets guilt stricken in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi doesn’t apply the ointment, so that she remembers the pain of her wound. She believes Adhiraj has sent the ointment to act great. She refuses to take his help. She doesn’t want her wound to heal. Devi bears the pain. Devi feels Adhiraj is a devil and he can never realize his mistake. Maasa is happy that Adhiraj punished Devi. He feels guilty for his doings. He thinks for Devi. He worries that he will get punished for his bad deeds. Maasa doesn’t let him change his mind. Maasa gets angry when he confronts her about Devi. Kakasa feels restless as if Devi is in any problem. Devi falls in big trouble because of Urmi. Adhiraj runs to rescue Devi.

Devi prepares things for her puja. Devi had to apply the tilak to Devi Maa. She stumbles and falls over Adhiraj. She applies the tilak to Adhiraj. They both have a moment. Devi then continues her puja. Adhiraj attends the puja. He loses himself in Devi’s eyes. He is slowly realizing Devi’s worth in his life. He keeps himself away from her, still coping with his guilt. He sees the wound on her back, which he has given her. He feels confused over his feelings. He gets on verge of realizing his love for Devi.


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