Sanjana to lose Sameer’s support in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer’s clothes catches fire. He blames Sanjana for this mistake. Sanjana tries to put off the fire. She is herself shocked seeing the bad happening. She tells everyone that she didn’t burn the clothes. Sameer feels Sanjana is really losing it. He asks Sanjana why did she do this. Mata ji gets angry. Sanjana tries to prove herself innocent. Piyush supports Sanjana. Sanjana says when I came here, the clothes were already burning, I didn’t do this. She asks them to believe her. Simar takes Sanjana with her.

Sameer doubts on Sanjana, when he sees the lighter in her hand. He is scared that she can harm herself. He shouts on her. Sanjana gets hurt. Everyone is believing Anjali, who looks positive to them. They have to find out who is doing this. Sameer tells everyone that he will always support Sanjana, while she feels she has lost Sameer’s trust and support. She weeps in her room. He feels bad seeing her in such broken state. What will Sameer do to help Sanjana? Keep reading.



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