Ishita makes a sacrifice for Pihu in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Romi try to stop Nikhil and beat him up. Ruhi comes to Nikhil’s rescue when Adi and Romi beat him up. Romi doesn’t want Ruhi to marry Nikhil. They all understand Nikhil is not a right guy for Ruhi. Ruhi takes a stand for Nikhil. She tells Raman that she will marry Nikhil. She threatens to kill herself, shocking the family. Ishita and Simmi’s arguments go on. Pihu and Ruhi see the elders fighting. Mrs. Bhalla feels they should support Ruhi. Ruhi tells Raman that she will either marry Nikhil or die. Raman tells her that Nikhil is ruining her life. Raman gets helpless seeing her madness. They all agree to get her married to Nikhil.

Ishita gets misunderstood by everyone. The family gets against Ishita in Ruhi’s matter. Ishita tries to go to Ruhi. Simmi stops her from going. Nikhil gets Parmeet’s support. Ruhi decides to marry Nikhil.

Ananya falls down the stairs by mistake. Ananya gets hurt. Ishita tries to reach Ruhi. She gets to see Ananya’s state. Pihu tells Ishita that she has accidentally made Ananya fall down. Ishita takes Ananya home. The family gets a big shock seeing Ananya. Ishita protects Pihu. She takes the blame on herself. Raman and others learn about Ananya. Parmeet gets a huge shock seeing Ananya. Bhallas try to save Ananya’s life. Simmi blames Ishita for hurting Ananya. Ishita doesn’t let Pihu say anything. Ishita accepts her mistake. Simmi decides to send Ishita to jail, when she loses Ananya. Raman and Ishita break apart again.


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