Naira awaits Kirti’s big decision in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik tells Naira that Kirti wishes to go to the US to get away from everyone. Naira reveals Naksh’s surprise to him. She tells him that Naksh wanted to gift a boutique to Kirti, so that her dreams get fulfilled. Manish keeps Naksh away from Kirti. He blocks his calls. The entire family support Naksh. Dadi tells Manish that it will be big mistake if they break this relation. Dadi tells them that Naira cares for Kirti’s happiness, after all she has exposed Aditya. She asks them to trust Naira once, who wishes the best for Kirti. Naira leaves the decision on Kirti. She asks them not to pressurize Kirti.

Naksh feels he has lost Kirti. He tells Rajshri that he has tried much. She asks him not to lose courage till he meets Kirti once. Kartik and Naira tell Kirti about Naksh’s feelings for her. Naira gifts the boutique papers to her. She tells Kirti that Naksh wants to apologize and meet her once. She asks Kirti to realize Naksh really cares for her. She tells Kirti that she will always support her in all her decisions. Naira worries for Kirti’s decisions.

The elders also want to find some way to solve the problem. Bhabhimaa wants to apologize to Kirti. Dadi doesn’t want them to apologize. She knows Naksh is worthy of Kirti. She asks them to just pray and leave things on fate. Kartik misses Naira. Naira and Kartik’s annoyance continues. He thinks of their good memories.

Devyaani informs Naira about Naksh, who has left home. Naira worriedly looks for him. Naksh reaches Goenka house. Naira gets worried for Manish’s reaction. Manish doesn’t let Naksh and Kirti meet. He stops Naksh from creating any drama. Naira tells Manish that Kirti will decide if she has to keep relation or not. Manish gets angry on Naira. He warns Naksh that he will call police and media to expose him, as Naksh has also broken Kirti’s heart like Aditya. Kartik asks Manish not to take any wrong action. Manish misunderstands Kartik. Kartik tells him that he can’t hear anything against Naksh. He feels sorry for misunderstanding Naira.


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