Pooja unaware of her crazy lover in Piyaa Albela


Rahul instigates Mr. Kapoor for getting Pooja. He asks him not to return to US, Pooja can still become of him. He promises to get Pooja for her. Mr. Kapoor doesn’t have interest in Rahul’s talk, but stops for Pooja’s sake. He asks Rahul and Surbhi to help him in getting Pooja. Pooja does her duties towards Harish and Supriya. Harish gets emotional on seeing Supriya’s state. Pooja cheers him up. Harish recalls the past. He wants everything to get fine. Harish wishes her for her birthday.

Pooja feels the rose is a gift from Naren. She adorns the rose in her hair happily. She bears Naren’s hatred hoping its just for few days. Harish asks Pooja to unite with Naren soon. He values her a lot. Rahul eases an entry for Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor wishes Pooja on her birthday. He greets her, while she is sleeping. He tells her that he can’t get his love insulted by letting someone else wish her first. Naren gets suspicious of Pooja.


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