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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya learns Munni were finding the kids, who was kept away by Tanu. She has to protect them, as she has promised Munni of doing so. Aaliya and Tanu reveal about Munni’s truth. Aaliya tells Dadi that since they learnt Munni’s truth, she wanted everyone to know it. She exposes Munni. Abhi asks Pragya the truth, why are the kids calling her Maasi. He worriedly asks the truth. Pragya falls in huge trap.

Woh Apna Sa: Arjun feels he will get the big benefits after knowing Nisha’s crimes. He wants to take risk and get inside Nisha’s house. He plans to rob the house and get rich, unaware that the house belongs to him. After Jia recalls the past, Arjun too gets more of the past flashes. He sleepwalks and leaves from home. Luckily, he gets spotted by Jia, who finds him in the trance state. She reaches him to help.

Piya Albela:

Pooja feels the rose is a gift from Naren. She adorns the rose in her hair happily. She bears Naren’s hatred hoping its just for few days. Harish asks Pooja to unite with Naren soon. He values her a lot. Rahul eases an entry for Mr. Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor wishes Pooja on her birthday. He greets her, while she is sleeping. He tells her that he can’t get his love insulted by letting someone else wish her first. Naren gets suspicious of Pooja.


Harman returns home for Preeto’s sake. Soumya has convinced him to go home. She tells him that mum’s relation is most important. She sacrifices her love. She asks him to go to Preeto, who needs him. She knows he will always be with her. Soumya comes to talk to Harak. Harman sees her and asks her is she mad to come at this time. She tells him that she is worried for Preeto and wants to see her once.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer’s clothes catches fire. He blames Sanjana for this mistake. Sanjana tries to put off the fire. She is herself shocked seeing the bad happening. She tells everyone that she didn’t burn the clothes. Sameer feels Sanjana is really losing it. He asks Sanjana why did she do this. Mata ji gets angry. Sanjana tries to prove herself innocent. Piyush supports Sanjana. Sanjana says when I came here, the clothes were already burning, I didn’t do this. She asks them to believe her. Simar takes Sanjana with her.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

The family wants Sudha to leave from their wives. Dada ji asks Baldev not to leave home and do something to restore their peace. Baldev gives a blank cheque to Sudha. He asks her to fill any amount and just leave from their lives. Sudha doesn’t want money from them. She wants to seek revenge for all her sorrow and tears, while she was left alone by Baldev. Sudha denies to accept the cheque. Adhiraj learns about Sudha escaping from the mental asylum six years back and putting someone else in her place to cover her crime. Adhiraj reaches Lal Mahal to meet Sudha. He questions Sudha about her escape.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara promises to unite Vidhaan and Niyati. She keeps a condition to Vidhaan. She asks him to get Niyati’s baby aborted, as its too early for him to become a father. Vidhaan too doesn’t want the child. He agrees to her. Niyati wants to know what did Vidhaan say. Falguni lies to her to keep her heart. Falguni stays in tension. Vidhaan meets Niyati at a cafe. He apologizes for his mistake and patches up. He proposes Niyati for marriage, to which she agrees. Niyati also agrees to abort the child. Vidhaan takes her to the hospital for abortion. Zeenat informs Falguni about Niyati’s presence in the hospital.


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