New entry to trouble Oberois in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Obros Shivay, Omkara and Rudra reach Goa for some fun. They give lift to a girl, on meeting her on the way. They were trying to help. Obros have a bachelors party. They don’t know the angelic girl will cheat them. She tries to impress them. They get drunk in the party. They are not in senses. They dance with a girl. They show their colorful avatar. They don’t have any tension of their partners and family. They have a party. They become the girl’s target. They get a shock when they wake up in morning and find themselves tied up. The girl robs them and runs away. They don’t remember what happened the last night. They didn’t know the dance fun will cost them trouble. On the other hand, Anika and Gauri have complete belief in their husbands. They don’t know what the boys are doing in Goa.

Rudra jokes on Shivay and Omkara’s state. The girl not just robs them, but also complains to police about them. Inspector tells Shivay that the girl complaint of harassment, and they will be arrested now. Shivay denies to know anything.

Pinky’s friend comes home to meet Pinky’s daughter in law. The lady tells Anika and Gauri that their husbands will be with someone in Goa, so they didn’t call anyone. The same girl Piya comes to Oberoi mansion. The lady introduces her. She says Piya has come to take part in the dance competition. Pinky welcomes her home. What is Piya upto? Keep reading.


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