YRKKH: Naira’s birthday celebrations

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Everything gets fine between Naksh and Kirti. The track shifts to Kartik and Naira again. Naira finds difficult to select a dress to wear on her birthday. She checks out all her wonderful dresses, but doesn’t find anything stunning enough. She wants to look special as its her first birthday celebrations in Goenka house. She is very excited. She asks Kartik to finish all his work, as he has to stay free on her birthday. Kartik teases her and tells her that he has more work tomorrow, he shouldn’t make any mistake, if there is any special occasion, he can see if he can change plan. She asks him how can he forget her birthday. Kartik’s smile fails his drama. She learns he has made special plan for her.

Naira asks him to reveal his surprise. He says you will never know it, its a surprise, you can’t blackmail me. She insists him to atleast give a hint. Kartik asks her to have patience. He gets busy in arrangements. Naira tries to beautify her looks. Kartik gets a shock when he sees Naira with the face pack. He asks what is she doing, she was giving him a heart attack.

She says I have to look special tomorrow. He tells her that she will always be special for him. He wishes her birthday in advance. They have light moments. Kartik jumps like a frog and reaches her. He cleans her face pack. She tells him that she is not able to choose a dress. She asks him to help her in clearing her confusion. Kartik asks her did she not decide till now. He suggests her to try all the dresses one by one, he will help her in deciding. She asks him not to get any ideas. Meanwhile, Singhanias are happy with Kirti’s return. Kirti does Tulsi puja. Naksh recalls Akshara. He gets emotional. Everyone misses Akshara seeing Kirti similar.


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