Pooja gets a tougher challenge in Piyaa Albela


Naren takes Pooja’s second test, while she expects a surprise from his side for her birthday. She asks him if he is preparing to wish her birthday in his special way. It turns out to be Mr. Kapoor’s surprise. Pooja gets happy assuming its Naren’s doings. Mr. Kapoor wishes her on her birthday. She gets worried. He tells Pooja he will answer all her questions. Rahul helps Mr. Kapoor in winning Pooja. Mr. Kapoor acts innocent. He tells her that he is leaving for US, so he wanted to meet her once. She asks him not to meet her again, which isn’t right. Mr. Kapoor threatens her of suicide and stops her.

After Pooja comes back home, she gets a huge shock when Naren keeps his condition. Naren asks her to prove her kundli dosh problem, which was known to even Supriya. He asks Pooja to make Supriya speak out the truth and prove that Pooja is true. He tells Pooja that she has taken divorce from him by this story. He gives her a day time to make Supriya prove the truth. Harish worries knowing Supriya’s memory loss state. He wonders how can Supriya help Pooja.

Naren produces fake evidences. Naren wanted to prove Pooja a liar. Pooja gets the gun from Naren’s hand. She says its my day to answer. She points the gun at him. She says you can kill me if you want. She gets ready to sacrifice her life. She loves Naren a lot. Naren is testing her. Naren asks Pooja to get Supriya. He cheats Pooja knowing she can never pass the test. Pooja gets Supriya. She tries to ask Supriya. Supriya doesn’t remember anything. Naren tells Pooja that she has lost. Pooja makes Naren admit truth that he has written the fake letter to fail her. She asks him to play fair if he has courage.



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