Ranvijay to shoot down Chakor in Udaan

Udaan: Chakor gets in dilemma over Raghav's truth

Suraj fails to prove Ranvijay’s crimes in front of everyone in the engagement function. Ranvijay learns Chakor is hiding Suraj in the house. All the guests leave. Suraj makes an exit along with the guests. Ranvijay threatens to kill Chakor. He gets angry on her. He asks her where is Suraj, what’s her plan. He threatens his family and limits them by fear again. Chakor doesn’t gets scared of him. She argues with him. He angrily shoots on her arm. Chakor gets wounded. He stops his family from helping Chakor. Preeti takes a stand for Chakor. Ranvijay threatens to kill her. They beg him to let them do aid to Chakor. They agree to tell them their plan. Ranvijay allows them to do the aid and come back within ten minutes.

Ranvijay shouts to Suraj to come out, else he will shoot at Chakor’s stomach to kill the baby. He tortures Chakor. He says Suraj will come to save Chakor. Imli has informed Ranvijay about Chakor’s plan. Chakor asks his family not to tell anything about Suraj.

Ranvijay demands them to reveal the truth fast, in order to save Chakor’s child. Chakor asks him to get ready, as Suraj will come and punish him for his crimes. Suraj has gone to the police with the evidence. He doesn’t know Ranvijay has hurt Chakor.

Ranvijay says Suraj was staying here since seven days, he didn’t come today, what was he planning, why did my family hide this. He punished Chakor for making his family against him. Suraj has a backup plan. He reaches the commissioner. He takes the evidence. Suraj wants the commissioner to do justice with Ranvijay’s family. Suraj will be coming back and expose Ranvijay’s evil.


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