High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Woh Apna Sa: Nisha asks Arjun to make an old servant speak up about the bracelet. Arjun wonders why is Nisha troubling an old man for a bracelet, if she can afford many such. He gets moved seeing Babasa. He feels connected to him. Nisha sees Arjun’s realization reaction. Nisha and Samar have kept Babasa locked up. Arjun doesn’t identify Babasa. He hits Samar in anger. Samar drags Arjun out. Arjun can’t see any old person kept in such a bad state. Arjun tells Nisha that he can never kill anyone. Samar and Nisha ask him to do the work to get a job. Arjun gets a shock when Nisha asks him to kill Kakimaa. Nisha is doing this to test if Arjun is Aditya. Arjun has met Kakimaa before and has affection in heart. Nisha tells Samar that this test will prove if Arjun is Aditya or not.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth sees Shorvori everywhere. He talks to Shorvori’s picture. He cries with sorrow. Teni sees him. She thinks to divert him. She shout to him to come fast. He gets worried for her. He runs to Teni and asks her the matter. He makes a call to doctor. She asks him not to call doctor, she just wanted to show him baby kicks. Parth says you have scared me. She doesn’t let Parth go.

Kundali Bhagya:
Shrishti and Sameer come closer. They both get hurt. Sameer cares for her. She fights with him. Shrishti starts liking him. Rishabh’s mum spots them. She gets sure that Sameer and Shrishti love each other. Sherlyn worries as her boyfriend Prithvi is at her home. She asks Rishabh not to drop her home. Rishabh asks her the reason for refusing him. Sherlyn hides the matter. Karan and Preeta reach Sherlyn’s house to catch her boyfriend. Karan tries to open the lock by his smartness. Preeta shows her smartness too. They get to see Prithvi.


Preeto has played a new game. She has risked her life again. She makes the plan along with Mohini. Harman gets worried for her. Doctor checks Preeto. Harman gets angry knowing Mohini has made Preeto fall down, by which her leg got broke. Preeto lies in pain. She knows Harman loves her and will get worried for her safety. Harman rages to teach a lesson to Mohini. Harman stays with Preeto. He can’t see her in pain.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara kills Sanaya. Sushant blames Aarohi for kidnapping Sanaya. The family gets against Aarohi. She tells Deep’s dad that he knows about Sanaya and Sushant. She asks him to tell everyone the truth. Sushant scolds Aarohi. Deep acts good. He tells them that Aarohi didn’t meet Sanaya. He lies to them that he failed to find Sanaya. Deep asks Sushant not to blame Aaroshi, Sanaya will come back on her own. Sushant threatens to call police to find Sanaya. Deep gets worried. Aarohi says police can find Sanaya, this can help. Deep doesn’t want the matter to reach police. He fears for Tara. Deep gets a message from Tara, that Sanaya is in his room’s cupboard. Aarohi and Sanaya had a fight. Aarohi tells the family that she can’t fall so much, she can never hurt Sanaya. She also wants Sanaya to be found soon.


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