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    Meri Durga: Durga gets worried for her family. Sanjay gets disappointed with his parents. He tries to inform Gayatri. Durga reaches police to get help. She gets into an argument with the inspector, who doesn’t take the matter seriously. Sanjay calls up Gayatri and asks her to let Durga’s family go. He threatens to kill himself. Gayatri asks him to stay away from this matter. Gayatri sends goons to abduct Durga. Durga gets in trouble. Sanjay fights back. Seeing Durga in big danger, he threatens to injure himself. The goons let Durga go, to protect Sanjay. Sanjay gets away with Durga. They try to reach her family. Neelkant threatens Durga again.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Roshni gets fine. She comes home. Karan gets heartbroken seeing her with Rehaan. Anant makes Roshni get a good welcome. Ahana tells Laila about Roshni’s accident. Laila thinks to meet Roshni and Anant, so that she can become his family. Anant forgives Roshni for her mistake. He gives her a surprise. Laila calls up Anant to impress him by a sweet talk. Roshni refuses to talk to Laila. Anant insists. Laila fakes concern to Roshni, who acts rude. Roshni doesn’t want to trouble Anant again. Tarun apologizes to Saloni and makes up for their arguments. Saloni gets happy seeing the surprise.


    Shivay and Omkara get busy in cooking good for their wives. Rudra gets disappointed. He asks them what are they cooking for him. He asks them to recall what all happened, and remember the argument. Shivay wants to make sweet dish for Anika. Anika is hurt as Shivay didn’t reveal anything to her about getting Gauri back. Shivay tries to make his marriage successful. The girls watch a tv show and hear about the trust test, as marriage keeping is a tough thing. Anika comes up with an idea. Anika decides to test Shivay’s trust by following the show example.


    Neil and Avni rescue Mishti. Vidyut gets unwell. Neil shows humanity. He injects insulin to Vidyut. He makes him fine. He tells Vidyut that he doesn’t want to do his encounter, as he trusts laws. He asks Vidyut to get prepared for interrogation. Vidyut tells Neil that they can’t win all the time. Neil tells him that he is not smart enough. He is sure he will find Ragini pandit as well. Juhi gets the news of Mishti’s welfare. DD tells Juhi that Neil and Avni risked life for each other, they are true lovers. Neil’s family learns that Juhi is alive, and the murder drama was also done for a purpose. Neela asks them to support Neil and Avni. She is proud of them for rescuing Mishti.


    Kartik tries to make up to Naira by his wonderful surprise. Naira doesn’t forgive him. She blames his ego for ruining their relationship. Singhanias get happy to see Naksh getting Kirti home. Devyaani tells him that their relation will turn more strong from now on. Kirti gets a new happiness. Kartik asks Naira to forget things once and move on. She reminds him how the family sent him to get her on Diwali, but he didn’t come, just because of his ego. She tells him that Naksh and Kirti’s relation got stronger now, but their relation turned out to be fake like their love. She tells him that he didn’t believe her and stayed in anger.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Pujan gets furious on Sudha and Narottam. He locks up Sudha. Avdhoot beats up Narottam. He asks him why did he hide about his mum till now. Pujan also beats him up in front of Baldev. He asks Narottam to confess his mistake. He asks him the motives for hiding Sudha’s truth. Baldev doesn’t care for Narottam. Satrupa stops Pujan from beating Narottam. She asks him not to give any more wounds to him. Pujan calls Narottam a disease for them. Satrupa saves Narottam. She doesn’t want Narottam to pay for Sudha’s deeds.


    Raman tells Simmi that Ishita can never hurt Ananya. Simmi doesn’t agree to him. She has lost Ananya. She curses Ishita. He tells her that Ishita always risked her life to save children, she can never do this intentionally. The family doesn’t believe him. Simmi gets family’s support. Raman assures Ishita’s family that he will do something to get her back. Simmi tells Pihu that Ishita will never come out of the jail. Pihu tells her that Ishita is innocent. Simmi vents her anger out of Pihu. Pihu misses Ishita and feels guilty. She thinks of the promise made to Ishita and hides the matter from the family. Ruhi feels something is bothering Pihu.


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