Ahana heartily accepts Anant’s proposal in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Anant tells Ahana that she means a lot to him, and he really loves her. Ahana takes time to think. Anant feels awkward by her silence. He doesn’t know how to take her rejection. Ahana stops him and proposes him. She clearly tells him that his proposal is accepted, and she is also keen to marry him. Anant gets a surprise by her answer. Anant makes her wear the ring Shweta left for his new love. Ahana gets clear about everything. She doesn’t have any fear of Anant and Laila’s relation. She understands Anant never felt anything for Laila, who assumes so. Anant tells her that they will inform Laila about their decision. Ahana suggests they should meet his children first and know their decision.

Ahana tells Laila about Anant’s visit. Laila gets mistaken. Laila asks Saloni to not be scared of Gupta. Tarun gets informed about Gupta learning the truth. His mom asks him to bear Gupta’s anger and try to convince him. Tarun gets worried for returning home and facing his dad. Anant starts staying happy in his own world. He doesn’t break the good news to his sister.

Ahana is happy that Laila didn’t target Anant. She is happy with the happenings. She thinks Anant is a matured and composed person, who makes her feel secure. She feels her decision to marry Anant is right. Anant breaks the good news to Yamini, who understands Anant has chosen Ahana as his life partner. Anant tells her about the big age difference between Ahana and him. Yamini asks him to stay happy. He wishes his children accepts the relation. Anant invites Laila and family for dinner. Laila gets mistaken and happy, dreaming to strike a chord with him. Gupta doesn’t allow Saloni to come home, till Laila returns his money. Tarun gets in trouble. Gupta refuses to accept Saloni as his daughter in law.


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