Satrupa attempts to clear the facts in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa tells Anami about Sudha. She asks Anami to see Sudha’s truth. Anami tells her that she doesn’t believe Satrupa now. Satrupa tells her that Sudha is just using her, she has different motives. Anami argues to take a stand for Sudha. Satrupa tells Anami about Dada ji’s offer which could have secured Narottam’s future forever. She asks will Narottam beg for food now. She says Sudha wants to make Narottam the heir of Lal Mahal. She asks Anami to be wise and open eyes to see Sudha’s real truth. Satrupa tells Dadi that Anami started doubting on Sudha, and now they have to use this to kick out Sudha from Lal Mahal. She decides to expose Sudha.

Dadi tells her that this will take much time, and they shouldn’t hurt. Adhiraj also gets Sudha’s info. He understands that Sudha is eyeing entire Lal Mahal. He thinks to find Sudha’s roots. Anami confronts Sudha for refusing to Dada ji’s offer which could have made Narottam’s future better.


Dada ji can’t tolerate Sudha at home. Pujan suggests Dada ji that he should hurry up and declare the heir officially, so that Sudha fails in her motives forever. Sudha acts innocent. Anami promises to always support her. Sudha tells her that Lal Mahal always cheats, they just want her to be out of Lal Mahal so that they can get Narottam killed. She asks Anami not to think of enemies as weak. Sudha gets upset. Anami learns how Pujan has beaten up Narottam and gave me wounds. She tells Narottam that she will see Pujan. Adhiraj bonds with Dheeru after a long time. The father-son duo hear retro songs and party. Pujan tries to threaten Sudha. He wishes Sudha was really a nice soul like her talks. He tells her that she did wrong to ask for heirship for Narottam. Sudha tells him that Avdhoot is the last option for Lal Mahal, he is getting respect in charity. She insults Pujan. Anami teaches a lesson to Pujan.


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