High Five Spoilers

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Naamkarann: Juhi is jealous of Avni. She has turned negative. She sees Avni and Neil’s pictures and cries. She hides from everyone. She takes the sindoor from the box. She recalls Ali telling her that Avni is allergic to Rangoli colors. She adds artificial colors in the sindoor, knowing Avni has allergy. Avni comes to her room. Juhi lies to Avni. Juhi doesn’t realize what mistake she is doing in anger. Avni feels Juhi is innocent. Avni asks Juhi not to get scared, we can go out and enjoy, as Vidyut and Ragini Pandit got arrested. Avni is trying to become Juhi’s friend.

Woh Apna Sa: Jia learns about Babasa’s presence in Nisha’s house when he shouts for help. Nisha gets scared of Jhanvi’s ghost. Jia goes to find Babasa. Nisha tells Samar that Jhanvi has found her again and threatened her this time. Samar doesn’t believe her.Samar gets doubtful. He looks for Jhanvi. Jia manages to escape, but Arjun catches her. They have a moment, while she hides from Samar. Nisha acts cruel to Babasa.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan and Preeta don’t reach any conclusion. They fail to find any proof against Sherlyn. Preeta doesn’t want Rishabh’s life to get spoiled. She wants to find some clue so that they can stop Sherlyn and Rishabh’s marriage. Sherlyn tries to hide Prithvi from Rishabh. Prithvi runs away before Karan catches him. Karan tells Preeta that they can never expose Sherlyn. Prithvi gets revengeful against Preeta. He doesn’t want Sherlyn to fall in any trouble. Karan doesn’t want Sherlyn to blame them. Prithvi decides to marry Preeta to cage her. Sherlyn asks him to make Preeta’s life spoiled. Prithvi promises her that he will make Preeta away from Rishabh.


Bhaiya ji gets mad on Imli, knowing Suraj and Chakor are returning to Aazaadgunj. He slaps Imli. He yells on her for being so overconfident. They have an argument. Bhaiya ji doesn’t want Imli to take decisions. He asks her to just obey him and not make own plans. He doesn’t want Suraj to get Chakor to the haveli. He tells Imli that he has told the villagers that she is the heir of the village, and now when Chakor comes, she will learn everything.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Naina is very happy. She gets money from her piggy bank. She dances with the money. She gets happy that she has arranged the money to buy a gift for Sameer. She didn’t knew she has enough money in her piggy bank. Her sister asks her to come and have samosas. Naina refuses and takes the money back. Naina wants to buy a thoughtful gift for Sameer. She does a special planning for Sameer.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay breaks up with Mandira for Anant’s sake. Mandira tries to explain him, not to get away and sacrifice love for someone else. Mandira gets shattered by his decision. She tries to convince him. Vijay asks her to marry Anant, who dearly loves her. He doesn’t want Anant to have a heartbreak. She says I didn’t see honesty and sincerity like you in any guy, I just love you, you have to tell the truth to Anant. She asks him to end the misunderstanding. Vijay refuses to her.

Piyaa Albela:

Rahul takes advantage of Naren’s hatred. He enjoys Pooja’s dance and makes sure Mr. Kapoor becomes the part of the event. He tells Mr. Kapoor that they will cheat Naren in such a way that Naren and Pooja will get separated forever. Mr. Kapoor gets glad that his dream to get Pooja will get fulfilled. Naren can’t believe he has fallen so low and insulted his own love. Naren punishes himself by lying in cold water. He gets back his senses. He regrets for his bad behavior. Mama ji takes Pooja home. Naren sheds tears sitting in darkness.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth is taking care of Teni. Shorvori’s memories make him sleepless. Parth tries to sleep. He thinks of Shorvori. Teni also doesn’t get sleep. She comes to talk to Parth. She complains about a bee in her room, troubling her. She asks him to catch the bee. He says I can’t do this at night, you take my room, sleep here, I will go out. He solves her problem.


Piya has become a problem for Obros. She blackmails them. Shivay and Omkara ask her the motive for coming home. The brothers were smitten by her. Since she has come home, they are much worried. They hide the incident happened in Goa. Piya says you guys called me here and got after me. Shivay asks her what does she want. Omkara asks her to say who is she and what she wants, else they can call police to get her arrested. Rudra says fight with Oberois is not good. She asks Rudra to stop it. She shows the video of the party fun.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Devi tries to know Adhiraj’s wound secret. She fixes a spycam in the bathroom to learn about his wound. She wants to know if Adhiraj has given a wound to himself. She forgets to apply tilak to him. Adhiraj reminds her applying tilak. He leaves for office. Devi gets spying. She hides under the bed and sees Adhiraj working out. Maasa tells him that Devi has run away from the house. Devi worries hearing their conversation. She leaves from the room and tells them that she was just at home, she didn’t go anywhere.


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