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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita prepares to meet Raman. She gets too nervous to face him. She doesn’t know how will Raman react on seeing her with Ashok. Ashok tells her that they can cancel the meeting. Ishita tells him that she wants to get back in her family. She thanks Ashok for helping her in freeing her from jail and changing her life. She gets deeply grateful to him. She feels everything changed in two years. Ashok asks her to think of her family and focus. She tells him that Raman would have ruined his life if she told him the truth. Ashok tells her that he has a big reason for his change of heart. She sympathizes with Ashok, who is at his last phase of life. He asks Ishita to get ready and meet Raman.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:


    Satrupa tells Anami about Sudha. She asks Anami to see Sudha’s truth. Anami tells her that she doesn’t believe Satrupa now. Satrupa tells her that Sudha is just using her, she has different motives. Anami argues to take a stand for Sudha. Satrupa tells Anami about Dada ji’s offer which could have secured Narottam’s future forever. She asks will Narottam beg for food now. She says Sudha wants to make Narottam the heir of Lal Mahal. She asks Anami to be wise and open eyes to see Sudha’s real truth. Satrupa tells Dadi that Anami started doubting on Sudha, and now they have to use this to kick out Sudha from Lal Mahal. She decides to expose Sudha.


    Avni bears Bebe and Shweta’s annoyance. Bebe asks Mishti to come with them. Avni gets sad when Bebe doesn’t talk to her. Juhi plans for the Diwali party. Juhi asks Avni if she needs anything. Ali tells Juhi that Avni is allergic to colors. Juhi thanks him for helping Neil and Avni, and getting her happiness back. Neil plans a surprise for Avni. Avni asks Neil to help her in winning back Bebe and Shweta’s heart. Avni tells an angel an d devil story to Mishti. She recalls Dayavanti. Juhi sees Mishti loving Avni as her mum. She feels Mishti is going away from her. She wishes to buy a new doll for Mishti. She plans to go out.


    Kartik plans a wonderful surprise for Naira. Naira sees Aryan needing help. She helps him in sending an important courier home. She gets to read the address, which happens to be Suwarna’s brother’s address. Even Suwarna makes a parcel to send to her brother’s house. Naira tries to know what is Kartik planning. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to have a birthday celebration. She believes just guys have right to celebrate birthdays. Kartik convinces Dadi.


    Obros leave for Goa. Seeing Anika’s total trust, Shivay tells her a fake story of a hot girl meeting them on the way and taking lift. Omkara and Rudra also get to hear the story. Shivay tells Anika that he acted like a nice gentleman and lifted the car to make her sit in the car. He tells her that the girl praised his eyes a lot. Anika doesn’t get jealous. She tells him that anyone can praise his eyes. Shivay pushes the story ahead. Anika doesn’t mind. She feels he is so innocent to tell everything to her. Shivay tells his brothers that Anika feels he is so simple that he can’t do anything, she has underestimated his charm. He takes it as an insult, than a compliment. Rudra boasts of his looks.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant tells Ahana that she means a lot to him, and he really loves her. Ahana takes time to think. Anant feels awkward by her silence. He doesn’t know how to take her rejection. Ahana stops him and proposes him. She clearly tells him that his proposal is accepted, and she is also keen to marry him. Anant gets a surprise by her answer. Anant makes her wear the ring Shweta left for his new love. Ahana gets clear about everything. She doesn’t have any fear of Anant and Laila’s relation. She understands Anant never felt anything for Laila, who assumes so. Anant tells her that they will inform Laila about their decision. Ahana suggests they should meet his children first and know their decision.

    Meri Durga:

    Rajveer asks Durga not to sacrifice her dreams this way. He doesn’t accept her marriage. Durga tells them that she will remain Sanjay’s wife will her last breath. Sanjay promises them that he will keep Durga happy and also make her fulfill her dreams. Sanjay tells them that Durga will get all the respect and rights of his wife. Sanjay gets their blessings. Durga’s family get emotional while they do Durga’s bidaai. Durga asks them to take care. She explains she had to do this to save their lives. She promises to do her duties towards both the families from now on. Durga’s bidaai gets done. Yashpal asks Sanjay to make Durga step in a brighter life. Sanjay takes Durga with him.


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