Vijay and Mandira break-up in Saam Daam Dand Bhed


Vijay breaks up with Mandira for Anant’s sake. Mandira tries to explain him, not to get away and sacrifice love for someone else. Mandira gets shattered by his decision. She tries to convince him. Vijay asks her to marry Anant, who dearly loves her. He doesn’t want Anant to have a heartbreak. She says I didn’t see honesty and sincerity like you in any guy, I just love you, you have to tell the truth to Anant.

She asks him to end the misunderstanding. Vijay refuses to her. She says I have lied to Anant, but we should fight for our love, how can we lose so soon. She wants to marry Vijay. She tells Vijay that they should get married soon. Vijay tells her that he can’t hurt his friend. He denies his promises. She doesn’t feel he is same Vijay who never breaks his promise. She feels bad when he doesn’t agree. Vijay shouts out his frustration.


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