Kanak and Uma’s love confession next in Tu Sooraj….


Kanak has seen Aditya in the hotel. Aditya misbehaves with her. Kanak comes home to reveal his truth. When Kanak complains to Uma, Payal tells Uma that Aditya is at home. Maasi asks Kanak how was Aditya at two places. Kanak asks Uma to come and see if Aditya is in room or not. She is proved wrong when they find Aditya in room. Aditya angers Uma. He plays loud music and dances. Uma and entire family get troubled. Aditya tries to pollute Uma’s Sanskari house. Kanak tries to calm down Uma. Aditya ruins everyone’s sleep. Aditya invites Kanak to dance with him.

Aditya acts clever and proves Kanak wrong. Kanak tells Uma that Aditya is lying. He asks Uma to ask his so called wife, Payal is not mute and she can answer them true. Uma started loving Kanak, when they are close to get divorced. Kanak is trying much to convince Uma. Kanak falls in love with Uma. Uma surprises her in a filmi way. He gifts her a series of cute things, and impresses her. Kanak sits on his cycle and enjoys the ride. He confesses love to her, showing a cute love sign board. Kanak reciprocates Uma’s feelings.


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