YRKKH: Naira to meet with an accident


Naira’s birthday is celebrated well. Kartik gives her a good surprise. Singhanias come to Goenka house. Kartik gets Naira for the havan puja. He asks everyone to pay attention, as Naira is coming. Everyone compliments Naira. Naira has worn Soumya’s saree. Manish gets emotional seeing her. Dadi gets upset when the ashram kids trouble the pandit by mistake. The pandit angrily refuses to do the puja. He leaves from Goenka house. Dadi worries that the puja is left incomplete and this is a bad omen.

Naira comes with a solution to do the puja herself. Naira has learnt all the rituals in ashram. Naira takes the kids along. The ashram kids do the puja along with Naira. Singhanias get happy. Bhabhimaa tells them the kids are Lord avatar, they did well to complete the puja. Dadi is also happy that kids completed the puja. She gives them reward, but kids refuse to take money. The kids ask for blessings. Dadi gets impressed.

After getting humiliated, Aryan decides to take revenge from Kartik. Kartik tells Naira that they didn’t get ample time to express love, but from now on, all his life moments are dedicated to her. Naira and Kartik spend some time. Aryan does their car accident to injure Kartik. Kartik gets a shock when he sees Naira’s accident. Aryan then learns Kartik was not inside the car. The time gets tough for Naira and Kartik. Aryan’s one mistake takes a toll on Naira’s life.


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