Laila gets mistaken about Anant’s feelings in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Laila and her family come for dinner at Anant’s house. Roshni gets rude to Laila. Roshni doesn’t want Laila to marry Anant. Rehaan irritates Saloni. Ahana stops him. Anant and Ahana have a moment. Saloni sees them together. Anant thanks Ahana for coming in his life. Ahana waits for Anant to break the news to Laila, while Laila is busy in tackling Roshni. Laila asks Roshni not to come in between Anant and her. Roshni gets raging. Rehaan tries bonding with Ahana. Saloni feels he can never change.

Laila returns home with more dreams about Anant. She feels Anant is also thinking about marriage. Laila has no idea what’s happening in reality. She messages Anant to thank him for dinner. Ahana too messages Anant to have a chat. Anant replies to both of them. Laila stays in a wrong impression. Anant sends a wrong message to Laila.

Laila tells about the message to Ahana. She gets glad. Anant clears the matter to Ahana. Ahana tells him that its completely fine, she will handle the situation. Ahana wants Laila to dream more, so that all dreams break at once. Saloni asks Ahana about her relation with Anant. Roshni gets upset thinking of Laila trying to woo Anant. Yamini tells her that Anant doesn’t want to marry Laila, he is in love with Ahana and wants to marry her. Yamini tries to make Roshni accept Anant and Ahana’s relation. She asks Roshni to accept Anant’s decision. Roshni leaves from home to oppose Anant’s decision.


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