Sanjay shows his true bitter colors in Meri Durga


Neelkant and Gayatri welcome Durga home. They do her grahpravesh, which surprises Durga. Durga then gets a shock when she learns Sanjay has done all the wrong arrangements. Sanjay hurts Durga. Gayatri tells Durga that she has dreamt to become bahu of their family, which she shouldn’t have done. Sanjay shows his true colors. He tells Durga that she has done a big mistake by trusting him, his love and marrying him. He reveals to Durga why he made the plan to marry her, just for Gayatri’s sake. Gayatri blackmailed Sanjay after attempting suicide. Neelkant then lies to Sanjay, that Durga has fooled them and made the fake video to ruin their respect. Neelkant claims innocence. He traps Sanjay in his words. Sanjay saves Gayatri from fire. Gayatri also holds her control on Sanjay by filling his mind with poison for Durga. They show a fake video to Sanjay, and prove Durga is a liar.

Sanjay then promises them that he will ruin Durga and her family. He swears revenge. Sanjay reveals to Durga that it was all his plan to marry her. Durga gets a huge shock seeing the reality, which she didn’t imagine. Sanjay tells Durga that he just hates her. He takes revenge from her. He tells her that all her dreams about her career will fall flat now. Sanjay makes a promise to make her life hell.


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