Naira’s guests to upset Dadi in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik takes care of the ashram kids. He arranges a room for them. Singhanias feel Goenka family didn’t get happy with the uninvited kids. They feel Kartik has done a generous deed to make the kids share a good time with Naira, but Naira will be facing the family’s annoyance. They wish Dadi doesn’t get upset with Naira. Kartik tells Naira that he has planned many gifts for her. He plans to make her birthday very special. He wishes her birthday. Naira thanks Kartik for his wonderful surprise.

Pandit tells Dadi to keep the kids away from puja as the kids can create hurdle in puja by breaking their attention. Dadi arranges a puja for Naira on her birthday. She wants to get everything done fine. Dadi gets annoyed with Kartik manages the kids alone. Dadi tries to keep the kids away. Kartik feeds the kids on time. Dadi worries for him. Naira and Kartik give gifts to the ashram kids. Dadi wants them to leave before the puja begins.

Naira wears Soumya’s saree to give a surprise to Kartik. She tells him that she got Soumya’s blessings and finds the saree the best clothes for her on her special day. Everyone gets glad seeing Naira. They all compliment Naira. Dadi asks Naira to keep the kids away, as they don’t know about the kids’ families and roots. Naira tells Dadi that being biased with kids for a puja is not good. She feels everyone has right to sit in the puja. She opposes Dadi’s decision. She asks Dadi to permit her. Pandit gets angry when he falls because of the kids. Dadi doesn’t like the kids spoiling the puja. Dadi starts scolding the kids. The kids apologize to Dadi and tell her that they will not let the puja get spoiled. They offer a solution of conducting the puja with Naira.


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