Soumya shows belief in Harman’s love in Shakti


Soumya misses Harman. She thinks of calling him. Harman is staying at his home. Soumya can’t live without him. Preeto answers the call. Soumya asks for Harman, why did he come back till now. Preeto disconnects her call. Preeto has made her plan to keep Harman away from Soumya. She has taken the drama ahead. Soumya writes Harman’s name. She is sure that he will come back when things get fine. She says belief has much strength, and its her belief that Harman will never leave her. Harman doesn’t know Harak and Preeto’s drama.

Soumya writes his name by the seven types of grains. She feels when she completes the task of writing his name, Harman will be coming back. Soumya and Harman have set a new example of true love for the world. The kinner sees Soumya writing Harman’s name. She records the moment and says when you go with Harman, we will miss you a lot, we will have these memories with us. Soumya gets emotional. Harman misses Soumya. He thinks of going and meeting Soumya once.


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