Ishita to learn the upsetting truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita feels disturbed by Raman’s weird behavior. She thinks Raman’s reaction was something not expected. She explains Ashok that Raman looks like he has forgotten her completely, like someone with a blank memory. She tells him that Raman was misbehaving with everyone, but Raman was not annoyed with him. She gets confused by Raman’s words. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ishita’s return. She fears that Ishita can know their game, what they are doing with Raman to take revenge. She wants Ishita and Raman to suffer. She wants to kill Ishita’s children. Parmeet provokes her anger and revenge motives. He asks her not to let anyone doubt what is happening with Raman in reality.

Aaliya finds Adi worried. She consoles his worries. Adi reveals to her that Ishita has returned, but with Ashok. Ishita fears for Raman’s life turning upside down. She wants to know what happened with Raman in these two years.

Shagun worries for Raman when he tells her that he has met Ishita for the first time today. Simmi tells him to take medicines on time. Ishita tries to talk to Raman. Simmi controls his life. Ishita wonders how did things change so much. Aaliya meets Ishita and reveals how things changed in Simmi’s management. She plans to make Ishita and Raman meet secretly. Ishita gets set to make things fine in Raman’s life. She promises to bring the family together and back on track. She doesn’t want to let Simmi ruin everyone’s lives. Ishita tries bonding with Raman as a friend. Simmi worries seeing them together.


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