Ahana hides her revenge intentions in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Roshni gets much disappointed with Anant’s decision to marry Ahana. She feels she has lost Anant forever. She gets much upset. She recalls the days when Shweta was very much ill and leaving them forever, how Anant has been with her at that time. She feels Anant loves someone else than family now. She gets dejected with the happenings. Yamini tries explaining her that Anant needs other people in his life too. Roshni fails to understand this. Yamini tells Anant that Roshni is not anywhere in the house. They all try to find Roshni. They assume Roshni left the house.

Roshni finds solace in Rehaan’s company. She tells him that Anant doesn’t love her, he is going to marry. Rehaan doesn’t believe her. He thinks she is worried because of the dinner with Laila’s family. Roshni reveals that Anant is marrying Ahana. Rehaan gets a huge shock knowing this. He consoles Roshni. Rehaan confirms the news with Anant. Anant confirms that he is marrying Ahana. Rehaan asks Anant to give some time to Roshni to accept the changes in their lives. Anant tries to keep patience. Anant doesn’t want Roshni to get hurt. Roshni asks him to rethink about his decision.


Tarun reveals to Saloni that Gupta has made them leave the house. Laila acts generous in front of Saloni. She asks them to stay in her house till they want. Laila is sure that Anant will marry her and there won’t be any financial tension. Rehaan feels Ahana is special, as Anant has chosen her for marriage. He wonders why she is marrying Anant, despite their age difference. Anant shares the problems with Ahana. Ahana advises him to handle the matter well. Tarun seeks Ahana’s help about returning money to his dad so that he can take Saloni home. Ahana promises to help him. She encourages him, seeing his honesty to keep the relation. They hide the matter from Saloni. Laila goes to meet Anant to stronger their bond. Rehaan cheers up Roshni. He asks her to accept Ahana for Anant’s happiness. Anant plans a surprise for Roshni. Roshni refuses to accept Ahana. Anant gets worried by her behavior. He decides to change his marriage decision. Ahana wants to hurt Laila by marrying Anant. She aims revenge from Laila for Rahul’s death.


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