Neil’s unique proposal for Avni in Naamkarann


Neil plans a surprise for Avni, while she is busy in bringing Juhi and Mishti together. Mishti wants Avni with her. Juhi turns more upset. Avni fears for Juhi’s emotions. She tries to make Mishti understand that Juhi is her good friend. Neil gives Avni a surprise. He gifts her a gown and asks her to get ready. Avni gets a shock when police arrives to arrest her. Avni asks the reason for her arrest. They keep it unrevealed and take her to the police station. Neil interrogates Avni for stealing his heart and making him fall in love.

Neil builds up the suspense and then surprises her with a lovely proposal. Neil presents her the evidence by showing their love story in pictures. Neil confesses love to her. He proposes Avni.

Avni recalls all their sweet memories by seeing the pictures. She accepts his proposal. Neil gratefully hugs her. They return to Neil’s home. Neil and Avni have a romantic time. They get interrupted by Vidyut, who meets them as the new landlord. Vidyut gets happy breaking their romance by a villain’s entry. Vidyut gets personal and angers Neil. He praises Avni’s beauty. Neil feels like punching his face. Vidyut tells Neil that he would have fell in love with Avni if he didn’t hate women. Neil gets into a heated argument with Vidyut.


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