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Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth blames Teni for Shorvori’s state. He asks her does she have any shame or not, how can she fall so low to do Shorvori’s accident. He sees the video of Shorvori’s accident. He tells her that her car has hit Shorvori’s car as seen in the video. He shows the video to the family. He tells everyone that she has done this to marry him and take Shorvori’s place. Teni was working hard to make his life come back on track, but this one video breaks Parth’s trust on Teni.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Uma takes a romantic hero avatar when times comes for a love confession. He sees Kanak reading Ramayan. Violins play in background. He feels love for Kanak. He gets a smile seeing her, and wishes to just adoring her. Kanak is impressing Uma by behaving the way he wants. Kanak has realized she loves Uma a lot and she can’t live without him. Kanak knows Aditya and Maasi are trying to hurt her and prove her wrong. She knows Maasi is dangerous for Uma’s family, but acts like a well wisher. She will be exposing Maasi’s motives.


Kundali Bhagya:

Sarla fixes Preeta’s roka. Prithvi acts sweet to the family. He holds a good image, and impresses Sarla. Preeta doesn’t have any problem in marrying Prithvi, as she feels he is a nice guy. Prithvi wants revenge. Preeta doesn’t know if Karan has feelings for her, but Shrishti asks her to think about Karan once, before giving her nod for marriage. Shrishti feels Preeta deserves a life companion like Karan. Rishabh and Karan learn about Preeta’s roka and get upset. They don’t want her to marry Prithvi. Rishabh is clear of his feelings for Preeta, who often helps him. Karan also likes her knowing she is very selfless. Preeta tells Shrishti that if she knows Karan loves her, she will leave from the marriage mandap and go to him. Preeta realizes her feelings for Karan.


Neil unwillingly had to release Vidyut from jail. Vidyut gets free using his contacts. Avni and Juhi think Vidyut got arrested and go out to have panipuri. They are in the market and enjoy without any free. They shop diwali items for Mishti. Vidyut passes by, but misses to see Juhi. Neil comes home and worriedly tells the family that Vidyut got released. He asks about Avni and Juhi. He tells Bebe that there won’t be any Diwali party as Vidyut is on loose. They get worried and tell him that Avni and Juhi went to market. He tells how Vidyut proved his innocence and got free from the police.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Prem learns that he is not Dharam’s son. The family stops Prem from doing Dharam’s last rites. Tejaswini supports Prem. She asks him to do a son’s duty and she will see who can stop him from doing the last rites of his dad. Prem feels shattering. Preeti gets happy to accomplish her motives. Prem does drama to consume poison. Tejaswini hears him and runs to save him. She learns his drama. She scolds him and gets annoyed with him. Prem meets Mandira and asks him to come home to live with them. Mandira gets glad and agrees to him. Preeti tells Mandira that its Prem’s plan, he is fooling her. Mandira warns Preeti to stay in her limits. She doesn’t believe Preeti. Prem has taken the decision to unite his family again.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja tries to convince Mr. Kapoor to stop his suicide. Mr. Kapoor holds Pooja’s hand and proposes her for marriage. Pooja gets in dilemma and saves his life by agreeing to him, as per the time needs. Pooja was very happy to get back in Naren’s life after passing all the four tests. She changes her mind when Naren meets her. She was thinking to share her letters for Naren. After Naren realized his mistakes, he apologizes to her. Pooja tells him that he has no right to return in her life now. She ends her relation with him. Naren can go to any extent to get her. Naren is ready to face any difficulties.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:

Raavi and Rishi have a moment of peace, away from home. They have many problems at home. They don’t get time to stay together. Rishi surprises her with a special gift. She turns shy seeing the gift. Rishi plans a romantic time with her.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi doubts on the manager for drawing losses for Adhiraj’s company. She wants to expose him. She makes a plan to find out the culprit. Devi gets kidnapped by Urmi. Devi struggles to get free. Devi was getting ready to go in Adhiraj’s business party. He wanted to introduce her to everyone, after realizing she is his lucky charm. Devi gets locked up in storeroom. Urmi plans to make her away from Adhiraj. She doesn’t let Devi reach in the party. Adhiraj got the big contract and wants to celebrate. Devi has to attend the party. She will do something to get free and reach Adhiraj. Devi gets handcuffed. Her sister in law Kesar comes to her rescue.

Udaan: Chakor argues with Suraj. She says you don’t know how to earn money, you don’t know work hard, how people work all day and earn a living, you didn’t think for me and child. She taunts him that she doesn’t know if Suraj deserves to become a father or not. She feels hungry. Suraj gets watermelons for her. She tells him that he doesn’t understand that pregnant women like to eat spicy food. Suraj deals with her mood swings. He thinks she is frustrated and scolding him. She deals with the problems on the way to home. She asks him to do some work, if he doesn’t do anything in such time, when will he learn. Suraj surrenders to her anger. He cheers her up. They sit at the bus stop and wait for the next bus that would take them to Aazaadgunj.


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