Bhanushalis take a stand for Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth goes against the family to get Teni arrested. He feels Teni has killed Shorvori. He is not ready to listen to elders. Parth gets Teni arrested. The family bails out Teni from police custody and get her home. They take care of Teni. Parth gets much angry. He tells them that Teni is acting to get their sympathy, he will never forgive her, he will expose her and one day they all will see the real truth hidden by her innocence, then they will realize their mistake. Teni denies his blames.

She says she can’t prove herself innocent, he can call police again and get her arrested. She tells him that she loved Shorvori as a sister and she can never do such a bad thing with her. Dada ji supports Teni. They believe Teni can’t break their trust….. Dada ji tells Parth that he should not call police at home again. Teni doesn’t justify herself as Parth has accepted Teni is the murderer. Its a small misunderstanding, which ruins all of Teni’s efforts. Parth knows Teni loves him and wanted to marry him. He feels she has done this for her motives.


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