Goenkas to oppose Kartik’s decision in Yeh Rishta…


The ashram kids do the puja and manage everything well. Dadi gives them money as reward, but the kids refuse for it. The kids just seek blessings. The kids tell everyone what Kartik has organized for them. Naira gets surprised by Kartik’s gesture. She thanks him for making her birthday so well. Kartik sends the ashram kids for a city tour. Naira gets happy for them. Kartik plans to keep birthday celebrations in Singhania house. Manish and Dadi get against Kartik’s idea seeing him suffering from a body ache.

Kartik gets medicines to have a quick relief. Kartik does all the arrangements. Naira hears his planning. She tells him that she didn’t like his idea. She asks him to change the party theme, else she will not come. Kartik fools her. He tells her that he knows her taste and has planned everything well.

Naira receives gift from everyone and Aryan too. She asks Manish to hire Aryan in office. Manish refuses as Aryan is not a nice guy. Naira requests him. Manish doesn’t have any belief in Aryan. On Naira’s insistence, Manish agrees to hire Aryan. Aryan gets to hear them. Naira waits for Kartik, who bears the pain and stays busy in the party arrangements. Dadi doesn’t want Kartik to play with his health. Manish worries for Kartik’s health. Kartik tries to hide his condition. Dadi worries that Kirti is working hard for Naira’s birthday party. She feels the party was not needed. Kartik meets Naira and gifts her a dress for her birthday. He hides his acute pain from Naira. Dadi and Manish oppose Kartik. They don’t want any preparations or celebrations to happen if it costs Kartik’s health.


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