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    Meri Durga: Neelkant and Gayatri get happy that their plan succeeded, Sanjay has got Durga to take revenge. Yashpal comes to meet Durga. He gets mistaken hearing the guards. He thinks Sanjay will take care of him. Gayatri never imagined Durga will do the sting operation. She feels Sanjay has proved that he is their son. Sanjay has ruined Durga’s life. She aims to ruin Durga’s career. Neelkant tells her how she has changed the video and proved to Sanjay that Durga lied in the press conference. He pities Sanjay, who believed them blindly. They both feel confident to control Durga’s life.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami and Narottam have an admiration for Vatsalya. They play his guitar, which angers Satrupa. Satrupa scolds Narottam for touching Vatsalya’s guitar. She lets him go without any punishment for Anami’s sake. Baldev too gets protective about Vatsalya’s belongings. He takes the guitar with them. Pujan doubts that Sudha is after the incident. He plans to teach a lesson to Sudha, but Kamini falls down instead Sudha. Pujan takes care of Kamini. Kamini feels someone is trying to hurt her. Pujan hides that it was his trap laid for someone else.


    Obros try to ask Piya who is she and what does she want from them. Piya doesn’t get scared by them. She threatens them. She shows them the video and blackmails them. She asks them to think of their wives’ reaction on seeing the video. They try to threaten her and get the video. Anika and Gauri come there and confront the guys about Piya. Rudra manages to cover the matter. Piya tells them that she will tell them what to do next. They lie that they were learning dance from Piya. They lie to Anika and Gauri. Rudra does a favor on his brothers. He tells them that he will save their marriage by stealing Piya’s phone to get the video.


    Kartik hides his pain from everyone. He plans Naira’s birthday surprise to give her happiness. Kartik romances her on seeing her in her birthday dress. The couple have a dance recalling their journey. Goenkas visit Singhanias for the party. Dadi feels Kirti has done much of hardwork. She feels the birthday was not necessary, when media is not called. Dadi then learns that Kirti didn’t do any work. She tells Dadi that she didn’t do anything till now, everyone just makes her rest. Kartik takes Naira home and gives a surprise. Naira gets delighted when she parties with her family. Kartik realizes he has forgotten the cake. Suwarna offers him help. She asks Aryan to come along with her.


    Neil and Vidyut get into an argument. Avni asks Neil to let Vidyut go. Neil tells him that he will vacate the house. Avni stops Neil from fighting with Vidyut, who was provoking him. Neil loses his cool when Vidyut badly eyes Avni. He tells Avni that he will make Vidyut pay for his deeds. Neil makes a plan and follows Vidyut, to catch his mum. Vidyut meets his mum and tells her what all he did to fill fear in Mishti’s heart. He tells her that he has hurt Neil by buying his apartment. She feels proud of him. She asks him to target Avni, who ruined her everything and got her insulted. She makes him more revengeful.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan tries to change Roshni’s mind. He tells her to understand Anant’s feelings. Roshni gets aggressive. Rehaan apologizes to her. He asks her to talk to Anant and understand. Laila gets to meet them on the way. She finds Roshni upset. Roshni asks her to control Ahana. Rehaan hides the matter from Laila. Laila tells Ahana how Roshni reacted in a dramatic way. Laila hides her plans from Ahana. Ahana gets into an argument with her again. She feels Laila doesn’t value person’s emotions.


    Ashok and Ishita plan a meet with Raman, so that they can know what’s troubling him. Simmi tries to keep Ishita away from Raman. Simmi reveals the truth to her that she is heading the family now, just to shatter the family and take revenge. Ishita confronts her for breaking the peace. She asks Simmi how can she ruin everyone’s lives. Ishita and Simmi have an argument. Simmi expresses her hatred for Ishita. She tells her that Raman hates her and didn’t wish to meet her again. Ishita still believes that Raman loves her, even if he has forgotten her. Simmi blames her for Ananya’s murder. Simmi asks her to try harder, but she can never re-enter the house. After the drama dose, Simmi goes. Ishita tells Ashok that she will talk to Raman to find the matter. He tries to keep Simmi distracted when Ishita and Raman’s meet happens.


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