Marriage twists and huge drama lined in Piyaa Albela


Pooja tries to comfort Mr. Kapoor by a sweet talk. Rahul records her words to prove her wrong in front of Naren. Mr. Kapoor acts ignorant of Rahul’s plans. Pooja then learns Mr. Kapoor’s plans and slaps him. Naren and Anuj’s fight hurts everyone. Naren gets worried when Pooja goes missing. Rahul threatens Pooja. He asks her to leave from Naren’s life forever. Naren apologizes and proposes her for marriage. Pooja rejects him once again.

Naren sheds tears for Pooja. Pooja gets dressed up as the bride. Naren imagines Pooja as bride and getting away from him. Pooja tells him that he got her here by cheat and he has always given him cheat. Her words taunt him. Naren is in a shock by Pooja’s cheat. Pooja is going to marry Mr. Kapoor. Naren loses his senses. He tries to commit suicide. Supriya comes in nick of time and stops him. Naren lies in her lap and cries. She asks him why is he marrying Surbhi, she is not a nice girl, he should marry Pooja. Naren gets angry hearing Pooja’s name. Pooja’s voice echoes in his ears. Pooja tells him that the recording is genuine and she has really confessed love to Mr. Kapoor. She tells him that he wants to live with Mr. Kapoor. His anger gets high. Surbhi tries to console him. Naren doesn’t know Pooja is doing the divorce drama to save him from Rahul and Surbhi.



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