TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Ayushaman Bhava:
Vikrant throws a party for Kavya. He orders Samaira to make the arrangements. Samaira gets unwilling for the task. Krish/Krishna helps Samaira and does her work. Kavya likes the party a lot. Kavya is Vikrant’s weakness. Kavya is pampered by one and all. Kavya and her friends make fun of Krishna. Kavya has no idea that Vikrant is a criminal. She feels he is a rich, successful and kind hearted man. Vikrant and Maai hide their truth from Kavya.

Avni sheds tears after Neil yells on her because of Juhi. Avni is upset. She thinks how can Neil shout on her in front of everyone, he could have spoken to her in private. Juhi feels sorry for Avni. They both didn’t know about Vidyut’s release. Neil is hiding a big secret from Vidyut, that Juhi is alive. Neela pacifies Avni. Juhi worries thinking of Vidyut’s reaction. Juhi will be going back to her first love Neil to secure her future.

Dil Se Dil Tak:


Parth goes against the family to get Teni arrested. He feels Teni has killed Shorvori. He is not ready to listen to elders. Parth gets Teni arrested. The family bails out Teni from police custody and get her home. They take care of Teni. Parth gets much angry. He tells them that Teni is acting to get their sympathy, he will never forgive her, he will expose her and one day they all will see the real truth hidden by her innocence, then they will realize their mistake. Teni denies his blames.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sanjana comes home. Simar and Mata ji ask her where did she go without informing them. They are happy that she is back, but they ask her why did she not call them once. Simar worries for Sanjana. Mata ji scolds Sanjana for being careless and giving them tension. Prem gets happy seeing Sameer and Sanjana. Sameer looks upset. They had gone on honeymoon. Sameer has seen her with someone else and started doubting. When he confronted Sanjana, she didn’t have any answer to say. Sanjana was in trance and clueless. Sameer’s doubt creates a rift between them. Simar gives Sanjana’s hand to Sameer. Sameer gets away. Mata ji asks Sanjana to convince Sameer by her love. Sanjana convinces Sameer and tries to end their misunderstandings.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia doesn’t want Arjun to fail her plan. They have a moment like their past. Arjun feels she is someone evil that she is troubling Nisha as a spirit. He refuses to listen to her. Jia tries to convince him for hiding the matter from Nisha. She plans to scare Nisha again. Nisha prepares to tackle Jhanvi’s spirit. She thinks of expose Jhanvi. She gets a shock when Arjun behaves like Aditya. Jia doesn’t get scared and manages to overpower Nisha by instilling fear.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti calls Ahaan for a meet. He gets hopeful that she will be reciprocating his love by accepting his proposal. They meet at the musical instrument exhibition. Ahaan has come for meeting her. He also thinks of buying an instrument. Pankti comes there dressed as a bride. Ahaan gets happy seeing her. He asks her for the answer. Pankti tells him that she wants to buy something for him. She asks him his choice. He likes a guitar but gets sad seeing its sold.


Suraj turns into a chef for Chakor. Chakor wants to eat something spicy. She taunts Suraj for failing to take care of her. He asks her never to tell him that he doesn’t deserve to become a father. Her words hurt his heart. She asks him to beg money for arranging travel fare. He refuses to beg, since he is fit and fine to earn a living. Suraj looks at a dhaba. He finds a dhaba and gets a chef job for the day. He also plans to make spicy food for Chakor. He feels bad by Chakor’s taunts. He can earn money at the dhaba by cooking and washing utensils. He prefers to do cooking work.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi gets kidnapped. Sushant has kidnapped her to take revenge from Deep. Deep gets worried for her. He goes to meet Tara. He gives her the news that Aarohi is missing. She asks what does he mean. He tells her that Sushant has kidnapped her and is blackmailing me about Sanaya. Tara says how dare he blackmail you, I will kill him. He asks do you just have this solution to kill people. He says I m already in tension. She sees him worrying for Aarohi.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta tells everyone that Karan can’t come in her Roka as he is busy. Janki thinks maybe Karan can’t tolerate the sight of Preeta’s roka with someone. Preeta clears there is nothing between her and Karan. She has feelings for Karan, but doesn’t want to admit. She feels Karan is jealous of her happiness. She denies that Karan has any feelings for her. Shrishti asks her to think once about Karan. Preeta clears that she will never marry Karan. Shrishti gets doubtful about Prithvi. She shares her doubt with Preeta. She doesn’t feel Prithvi is a good man. She gets negative vibes and wonders why does he want to marry Preeta so soon. She asks Prithvi why is he hurrying up for marriage. Prithvi tries to fool her.


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