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    Ishqbaaz: Obros think to know Piya’s motives. Piya tells them that she is a choreographer. The guys try to hide the matter, but foolishly break their silence. Dinki gets a chance to raise a finger at them. Omkara stops Shivay and Rudra. They all give explanation of their innocent. Anika shows her belief in Obros. They all learn its Dadi’s birthday, which saves them from arising doubt. Dadi tells the guys that she is proud of their unity and believes they can’t do anything to ruin their wives’ trust and family respect. The guys blame each other for the incident. Rudra blames Shivay for cooking up such a cheap story and then turning it true. He asks Shivay not to have such wild imagination again.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Roshni gets much disappointed with Anant’s decision to marry Ahana. She feels she has lost Anant forever. She gets much upset. She recalls the days when Shweta was very much ill and leaving them forever, how Anant has been with her at that time. She feels Anant loves someone else than family now. She gets dejected with the happenings. Yamini tries explaining her that Anant needs other people in his life too. Roshni fails to understand this. Yamini tells Anant that Roshni is not anywhere in the house. They all try to find Roshni. They assume Roshni left the house.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita feels disturbed by Raman’s weird behavior. She thinks Raman’s reaction was something not expected. She explains Ashok that Raman looks like he has forgotten her completely, like someone with a blank memory. She tells him that Raman was misbehaving with everyone, but Raman was not annoyed with him. She gets confused by Raman’s words. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ishita’s return. She fears that Ishita can know their game, what they are doing with Raman to take revenge. She wants Ishita and Raman to suffer. She wants to kill Ishita’s children. Parmeet provokes her anger and revenge motives. He asks her not to let anyone doubt what is happening with Raman in reality.


    The ashram kids do the puja and manage everything well. Dadi gives them money as reward, but the kids refuse for it. The kids just seek blessings. The kids tell everyone what Kartik has organized for them. Naira gets surprised by Kartik’s gesture. She thanks him for making her birthday so well. Kartik sends the ashram kids for a city tour. Naira gets happy for them. Kartik plans to keep birthday celebrations in Singhania house. Manish and Dadi get against Kartik’s idea seeing him suffering from a body ache.


    Neil plans a surprise for Avni, while she is busy in bringing Juhi and Mishti together. Mishti wants Avni with her. Juhi turns more upset. Avni fears for Juhi’s emotions. She tries to make Mishti understand that Juhi is her good friend. Neil gives Avni a surprise. He gifts her a gown and asks her to get ready. Avni gets a shock when police arrives to arrest her. Avni asks the reason for her arrest. They keep it unrevealed and take her to the police station. Neil interrogates Avni for stealing his heart and making him fall in love.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha acts clever again. She proves her innocence when Satrupa confronts her about Naina. Dadi tells Dada ji that Avdhoot is not suitable to take Vatsalya’s place. She asks him to consider Anami. Adhiraj makes a plan to catch the culprits. He is sure he won’t let Anami’s life fall in danger. Anami sees Satrupa in pain. Satrupa misses Vatsalya. Anami relieves Satrupa’s pain and makes her realize her similarity with Vatsalya. Anami takes care of Satrupa. Satrupa feels Anami is connecting to her pain. She finds a way by which she can change Anami’s thinking.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay reveals his planning to marry Durga and make her life hell. He tells her that she has cheated him and ruined his family reputation. He says I hate you now, as you have hurt my family. Durga feels he still loves her. Sanjay tells her that she will pay for her cheat by staying in his house which will be a cage of hell for her. He hurts Durga, while Durga’s family expects Sanjay to be taking care of Durga in between her enemies. Sanjay tells Durga about Gayatri’s suicide attempt. He wants to take revenge from Durga. Durga explains him that he is fooled by his parents again. He doesn’t believe her. He dumps Durga at home. Durga sheds tears. Sanjay ruins her hopes, dreams and career. Yashpal misses Durga. He is hopeful that Sanjay will protect Durga from his parents. He thinks of meeting Durga once. Durga bears Sanjay’s anger. Sanjay humiliates her further. He locks her up, while she tries to reach her home to reveal Sanjay’s truth.


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