Aryan to face sorrow and humiliation in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh and Kirti have cute moments. Naira and Kartik tease them for being new love birds. Kirti turns shy. Aryan learns he is Manish and Suwarna’s son, but was kept away just because of Kartik. He wants to meet Suwarna and confront her, but loses courage. Aryan goes through an emotionally shattering moment. He controls his emotions. Suwarna and Aryan leave for Singhania house. Dadi worries for Kirti’s married life. She asks Kirti if Singhanias keep her happy or burden her with workload. Singhanias women treat Kirti well. Dadi gets happy. Manish wants Kartik’s first project to be the best. Kartik learns Manish’s expectations. He determines to keep everyone’s expectations by working hard. Naksh gives him best wishes.

Kartik fears if anything goes wrong, everything can be at stake. Naksh asks him to think of their supporting families. He asks Kartik to give his best without having any fear in mind. Aryan stays lost in bitterness. Naira gets a surprise gift from Akshara, which Naitik sends for her. She gets emotional.

Kartik also reveals the surprise for Naira. Kartik reveals his tattoo made for Naira. Everyone praises his love. Dadi and Manish get worried for Kartik’s health. Kartik tells Dadi that it was bearable pain for him. Dadi feels Naira is lucky to get a husband like Manish. Manish too praises Kartik, for being an ideal man, who does justice with all his relations. He feels proud of Kartik. Aryan gets to see them. Aryan falls down and drops the cake by mistake. Everyone gets upset when the cake gets spoiled. Manish angrily lashes out on Aryan. Aryan feels broken up. Aryan finds hard to deal with the biggest truth of his life. He feels Suwarna has done injustice with him. He gets too remorseful. Naira celebrates her birthday with her family. Aryan plans to take revenge from Kartik.


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