Laila rebukes Anant’s alliance in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Anant meets Laila to break the news about him and Ahana’s relation. Laila expects him to propose her. Anant tells her that he has taken her advice seriously and considered to get remarried. Laila gets happy. Anant tells her that the credit goes to her. She tells him that they can make their life better anytime. She wishes he tells her family about them soon. She tells him that she is thankful to him for his decision. Anant then reveals Ahana’s name to them. He asks Laila for her permission to marry Ahana. Laila gets a huge shock.

Ahana supports Anant. She tells Laila that she also loves Anant. Anant tells Laila that they both have feelings for each other, they are in love and want to get married. Laila gets raging hearing this. She didn’t imagine Ahana will snatch Anant. She gets speechless. Laila confronts Ahana for hiding this. Ahana tells her that she was waiting for right time. Laila understands Ahana has played a game with her.


Anant tells Laila that he needs her consent. Laila refuses to him. She reprimands him for thinking of marrying Ahana, who is a young girl compared to him. Anant explains her that he really has genuine feelings for Ahana. Laila insults Anant. Ahana tries to stand for Anant.

Later, Laila tells Ahana that she won’t marry Anant. They get into a heated argument. Laila doesn’t want Anant to choose Ahana. Ahana tells Laila that she can never get Anant now. Saloni also feels Anant is not right for Ahana. Laila tells Ahana to think of her decision again, Anant is twenty years older. Ahana tells Laila that she is sure Anant will keep her happy. Laila asks her not to cheat herself. She understands Ahana is marrying to take revenge from her. She tells Ahana that she will regret for her decision very soon. Ahana doesn’t change her decision.


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