Bhaiya ji plans an attack on Chakor in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor come back to haveli. Bhaiya ji throws a grand welcome party for them. The haveli gets well decorated for their welcome. The villagers arrive to meet Chakor. Bhaiya ji does the aarti for Suraj and Chakor. They get surprised hearing good things from him. Bhaiya ji prays for Chakor’s child. He asks Lord to bless Suraj, Chakor and the coming heir. Bhaiya ji does the maha aarti with the family. He recalls Suraj’s childhood days.

He reminds Tejaswini how he decorated entire Aazaadgunj on Suraj’s birth, and today his son is becoming a father. He says I m really happy to become a grandfather, its big happiness for me. He tells the villagers that he will accept Suraj and Chakor’s relation, as he wants to see his grandson growing up in front of him. He says my grandson will be my heir, his laugh will echo in this haveli. Bhaiya ji adds poison in the kheer, and sends for Chakor. Chakor consumes the poisoned kheer. She faints down. Suraj worries for Chakor. He lifts her and takes her to the room, assuming she fainted by fatigue.


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